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Coal and more coal

Another thing that I've been doing is casting loads of blocks of porcelain coal - here are some that have been fired and glazed - but the ones I'm doing now have a different future.

The new ones will only be fired to 100, 200 and 300 degrees C - usually they go to 1260 degrees. This will mean that they are still clay and not ceramic - i.e. their structure can still be changed. The small heating will just remove water from within the structure - and this will allow me to test how long they survive in water.

Yes - water. I've already put raw porcelain into water and it starts to crumble in a matter of minutes, gradually collapsing into the water. So, how will the low fired examples fair! We'll have to see - but again this is part of exploring how to bring to life a narrative about south Wales - its strength as well as the collapse of industries like the coal industry. Maybe even using the phrase "The King is Dead (King Coal) ..... Now What!" we'll see what happens - hopefully I catch it on a video.

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