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Week 7 - Light and Heavy!

So, I've been playing with clay - using my oxide clay in different ways - what happens when you put a circle on its side and then fire - it slumps! How can this be controlled? Is it a useful analogy for closure, contractions, etc?


Other ideas where about cutting and tearing a solid piece of porcelain - showing the lines of oxide hidden within the clay - interesting!

Then there's the layering of images - stamped into a plaster slab and pressed into clay - layers of history maybe! The edges are torn, yet the form is straight - contrasting elements!

Playing with clay in these different ways has got me thinking about how people respond to different things - people are afraid to touch my porcelain - thinking it will break - how do they respond to a solid block of the same material? Bother are porcelain yet the fear of breaking might be gone?!

How do people respond when they see something familiar but its not quite right - white coal? The contrasts between light and heavy - do we always have to handle ceramics? Can we read it correctly without touching? Can my work play with the senses?

Who knows!

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