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Week 6 - pulling things together

Week 6 is about pulling together and reflecting - as a group we have created a "Starting Point" exhibition - our influences and initial work! Yes - mine is all about industry, coal, iron and people.

It has been interesting to start playing with some of the shapes and lines pulled out of the images - some charcoal, coloured inks and paper get you looking in more detail - trying to understand the relationship of one line or form to the next.

Whilst I'm playing with paper and clay, it's the thinking that is the most challenging - reflecting back to what I learnt from my degree show and what I want to improve - the creation of a unique language that I can use to bring narrative strands to life - an alphabet that will engage an audience and will allow them to add their layers of appreciation and interpretation. An approach that is subtle - allowing universal connections to be made. If this is what I want to do then I have a long way to go before I find that quality of language and approach!

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