Visit - Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre

Another Saturday - another visit! This time Llantarnam Grange - for the opening of Anne Gibbs exhibition.

She talked about her fascination with her materials - and her need to explore, to try, to experiment - her work is about the material and about how groups related to each other and create a dialogue. It was great to discover her attention to detail in presentation, as well as her desire to reuse and amend her use of casts.

Also at Llantarnam Grange was a new exhibition by Geoff Bradford - which was all about using images to create new images. He layers, cuts and sticks, prints onto transparent films so that you can overlay and turn/rotate images to create new views - his sketch books were beautiful! It was a great idea for reusing my existing and future images to create new inspirations for my work. A really worth while trip.

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