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Week 2

A visit to BayArt to see ‘stiwdio/ lle’ ‘studio/place’ - "LLE is an artist-led curatorial project with a focus on contemporary painting, its discourse, and creating practical dialogues between artists. 'Lle’ is the Welsh word for place, and by having no fixed place, LLE have the freedom to interact and engage with artist practice in new ways. The exhibition at BayArt will explore notions of the studio as both concept and location. In LLE's own words - "Artists do not ‘retreat to the studio’; through a studio-based painting practice the artists reacquaint themselves with other places or ‘lleoedd’, reimaging a world, not merely observing and recording it in paint.""

It was great to be shown around by the curator - to hear his take on the images, why they were selected and why they were positioned as they were. It was great to discover that one of the key aims was to create a dialogue, a discourse between the works, between the works and the viewers, and even between the artists involved; the aim being to create new - new conversations and even new work.

So, it was back to do some work. 100 images - 100 words - a project to challenge us to find our unique starting point and for us to understand our inspirations. So, the images and words are gathered, now its about piecing together the first part of my story! Maybe even playing with some clay!

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