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Visit - Ruthin Craft Centre

Yesterday I visited Ruthin Craft Centre to see 2 great, new exhibitions; Cusp - exploring the transition between craft and art - where it proposes that some of the most exciting work happens; and Containing Time, the work of Jane Perryman.

Cusp, with 7 Welsh craftsmen/artists, brought together an extraordinary collection of narrative rich work, delivered with fantastic skills. I was particularly attracted to the work of Nigel Hurlstone, who reworks old photographs which hold a rich narrative; he releases them from the oblivion of a dusty draw, releasing their story and universal truths. The scale of the work was epic, yet relevant for us all.

Next to Nigel's work were beautifully crafted effigies by Bryony Dalefield. Shrouds that embodied the cycle of life sat next to images that showed hope but also the narrative of death; a poignant positioning. The exhibition had many more subtle dialogues to explore.

In the next gallery was Jane Perryman's work, which had so many elements - ceramics, poetry, sketching, and pulling it all together, a sound track captured from the vessels made through the year, encapsulating reminders of each week, a virtual diary. The ceramics were stunning but it was the sound track that surprised me the most as I walked around, the vessels wobbling with the vibrations of feet; a simple and rhythmical additional layer, which followed you back into Cusp, linking the 2 exhibitions, adding to them both!

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