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British Ceramics Bienniel

Friday - a trip to Stoke on Trent to be part of the BCB - not enough time but some fascinating talks.

I loved hearing about Keith Harrison's work and inspirations was fascinating - we are all looking up his latest work JoyRide which took place just a few days ago. It was interesting to hear his thoughts re scale and the challenge of keeping audiences engaged in his performance type works.

Then it was fascinating to discover how ceramics skills are passed on from generation to generation in India and that there is very little formal crafts and art education. The fact that each area has a strong identity through their use and approach to clay was enlightening, and clay as furniture was a new thing. Heart:Beat is an interesting project linking the post industrial west with the pre industrial rural India. The developments in traditional Warli Painting were great.

Warli Painting
Warli Painting

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